Sketch the Change 2019

Are you interested in designing sustainable products and knowing what it means circular design? Why should economists, designers and politicians work together? What are the key challenges facing the fashion industry and how can we deal with them? What is the potential of fungi, algae and bacteria in design and architecture? Should architects respond to climate change? Can homes serve as future material banks?

Conference Sketch the Change! will introduce how to use principles of circular economy in the creative field. It targets primarily designers, architects and manufacturers, as they are the one who shape the future of products, buildings and services around us.

Circular economy is a promising concept that provides a way out of the permanently unsustainable model in which our society currently finds itself. It draws inspiration from nature, where everything is constantly circulating, processes are most effective and no waste is generated. Every organism and material is utilized repeatedly, thus undergoing never-ending transformation. The aim of the conference is to help creative people explore the potential of this concept and find ways to incorporate it into their everyday practice.

The conference will be a source of valuable information and inspiration in the form of lectures and guided discussions with both Czech and foreign experts. Time is also set aside for networking. Sharing know-how and establishing interdisciplinary cooperation is key to creating new business models and launching successful projects.

There will be also a pop-up exhibition of innovative & sustainable materials and a new printed edition of the Material Times magazine will be launched. The new publication will focus on issues of our shared living environment and present concrete examples of links among people, materials, things, and organisms.

The co-organiser of the event is the Prague Institute of Planning and Development, with the professional support of the Institute of Circular Economy. The key media partner is Material Times.

Conference’s Agenda
9:30AM- 6:00PM

9:00AM Registration

9:30AM Opening Remarks

• Lucie Havlová, Tomáš Hendrych, Happy Materials
• Jiří Pelcl, designer
• Tereza Anderlová, matériO Prague

9:50AM Closing the Loop – Introduction to Circular Economy

• Linear vs. Circular Model – Ilektra Kouloumpi, Circle Economy
• Circular Scan of Prague – Soňa Jonášová, INCIEN
• Life-cycle Assessment – Vladimír Kočí, University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague
• Design for Sustainability – Eliška Skarolková, designer
• Opportunities Offered by the Circular Economy – Cyril Klepek, Direct People, Cyrkl
• Precycle Concept – Hynek Balík & Filip Streit, MIWA
• Challenge Accepted – Eliška Knotková, matériO Prague

11:40AM Lunch

12:35AM Future-proof Materials

• Short presentations in PechaKucha style followed by a discussion panel moderated by Ilektra Kouloumpi. Materials from the perspective of sustainability, ethics and the circular economy.

○ New Material Award – Ellen Zoete
○ Forz Glaze – Daria Biryukova
○ RE3 Glass – Telesilla Bristogianni
○ Blood Related – Basse Stittgen
○ Brokis Glass – Irena Czepcová
○ Malai – Zuzana Gombošová
○ Hydal – Vlaďka Matušková

2:05PM Redesigning Fashion’s Future

• Sustainability and its Challenges in the Fashion Industry – Kamila Boudová, SLOU Days
• Future, Fashion, Economics – Alex Vogt, Kern Consulting (TBC)
• Textile Mountain, Lenka Vacková
• Merino Recycle – Tereza Rosalie Kladošová, Fashion designer
• OffCuts – Maria Nina Václavková, Footwear designer

3:00PM Coffee Break

3:25PM Sustainable Architecture: High-tech & Low-tech Solutions

• Sustainable and Innovative Approaches in Architecture – Adam Havel, matériO Prague
• Architecture Responding to Climate Change – Vojtěch Lekeš, Next Institute
• Circular Architecture – Adam Rujbr, ARA
• Building Sustainable Community – Dominik Saitl, Architect
• The Role of Village in the 21. Century – Miroslav Cikán, MCA studio

5:00PM Material Times Launch

• Deep Talk Discussion with artist Krištof Kintera
• Moderated by Tereza Lišková, Editor-in-Chief Material Times

Refreshments & Networking

The conferenced will be chaired by Daniela Písařovicová.

The conference will be simultaneously translated (CZE-EN).

Partners of the event are Prague Institute of Planning and Development, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Embassy of the Netherlands in the Czech Republic, INCIEN, Neonyt, Brokis, H&M a Material Times.

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