MATÉRIO’ FOKUS: Cirkularity

In the second series of the matériO’ Fokus 2023 lecture series, we will focus on circularity.

1# Circularity: projects // 25.5. 10:30-11:15 // ONLINE // 200,-
re-use // recycling // repair // sharing // new consumer models

How can circular projects bring back to life objects and materials that are still functional even if already used? The lecture will present Czech and international inspiring projects that focus on re-use of products and materials.

2# Circularity: Materials // 8.6. 10:30-12:00 // SHOWROOM // 1000,-
re-use // recycling // sources // processing // concepts // projects // samples

When is a material circular? What opportunities does circularity offer and what are its limits in relation to materials? The lecture will focus on the recycling of materials in practice. The lecture will include a demonstration of samples and a tour of the showroom.


The discounted price for both seminars (offline and online) is 1000,-.

To purchase a ticket and register, email us at or call +420 739 471 317. For members with full membership, admission is included in the membership price. Please confirm your attendance.

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