matériO Prague

Innovation, inspiration, technology transfer, and materials… INDEPENDENT and without prejudice.  matériO!

matériO libraries are dedicated to creative professionals, such as architects, designers, applied art artists, multimedia professionals, stage designers, fashion designers, graphic artists, craftspeople, and marketing professionals. matériO libraries have served a popular source of inspiration for students, teachers, researchers and scientists, and R/D teams. First of them, matériO Paris, was created in 2000 by Quentin Hirsinger.

Our library matériO Prague, opened in 2011, wishes to provide professionals (and the lay public) with information as well as physical contact with new materials. We want to offer a creative and inspirational environment. Our library of materials cuts across many creative disciplines – architecture, design, applied arts, science and research. It also reaches out to producers of various materials and their users. The library makes it easier to orientate in the complex and fast developing world of materials and technology. We offer Mo to Fri consulting services, organise exhibitions, seminars, and workshops related to materials and their use.


Our online database counts over 8,000 materials.


Our collection offers over 2,000 samples – in the come, see, and touch regime.




Regular seminars on various issues of interest.


matériO Prague is managed by Happy Materials, a company owned, for over ten years now, by Lucie Havlová and Tomáš Hendrych. The two friends and colleagues have always shared an interest in materials, architecture, design and arts and, in 2011, with the help of the EU, they opened a material library. In 2013, after two years of the library´s existence, they added to their portfolio of activities an on-line magazine called Material Times, which develops on new materials and technology and shows them in a wider context. The magazine is publicly available at the web.

Lucie Havlová studied chemistry and graduated as an expert in polymer processing. Before the birth of Happy Materials in 2006, she had worked for fifteen years as a technical manager and sales support for advanced materials. At the ICI, an international chemical company, she was responsible for operations in the Central and Eastern Europe. Working for Happy Materials, she´s built on her extensive experience in international business. She is primarily responsible for the Happy Materials´ business strategy and development. On top of it, she has organised over fifty training and educational events related to materials and all what belongs to them. By now, she has trained over 2,000 attendees. In 2010 – 2012, she contributed significantly to the efforts to open matériO branches in Prague and Bratislava.

Tomáš Hendrych studied pantomime at the Academy of Preforming Arts (HAMU) and for many years, he was making his living as an actor and a choreographer. After leaving the world of theatre, he became a TV production director forking for an international advertising agency and later on, he started his own business making short films, and TV and radio spots. He developed and implemented a number of marketing events. After co-founding Happy Materials in 2004, he devoted himself to creativity. He became a curator and producer of several successful traveling exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad, for example “Beautiful and Helpless”, a series on endangered buildings and structures, he organised exhibitions devoted to materials and, recently, art glass. Currently, he is the Happy Materials´ creative and financial director.