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matériO Prague

Finds material solutions for your products.

Educates in material and technology innovations.

Provides consultation and training on environmental sustainability.

Inspires unique ideas.

If you actually want to be competitive in 10 years, you better start now.” Natsai Audrey Chieza


Membership facilitates a better understanding of materials and technology that have been evolving incredibly fast. Gain access to the online database of materials, our showroom, matériO Fokus seminars, and other benefits.

Seminars offer systematic tutoring on innovative materials, related technology, and global trends. To explore our workshops on environmental sustainability and the circular design, visit the Sustainability Workshop section. Our workshops include presentations of samples and can be individually designed to meet the needs of the client upon request.

Search for the best possible material solutions to meet the client’s specifications. Our researchers make an overview of materials to comply with the required criteria and provide information on their parameters. We can also offer both initial and final consultations and/or samples of selected materials.

Please contact us for special offers for students and schools.


Lecture series on innovations from the world of materials. matériO’ Fokus // Textile: Life Cycle // April 27th, 10:30-11:15 // ONLINE via Zoom platform recycling // systemic changes // consumer

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