matériO Fresh!

New materials  Trends – Discussion

When: Wednesday 21.11.2018 from 9.30 to 11.00 – Seminar is held in Czech. 

matériO Fresh! is an extraordinary material meeting during which you will find out what’s new in our showroom and in the diverse world of materials, and meet interesting people from a wide variety of disciplines. For a fraction of your time, you will gain an unusual information that we have been working on for you for weeks. Clearly, comprehensibly and funny. You will get a competitive edge, because you can learn news in advance. You will receive practical material cards with technical parameters and contacts to the manufacturer. The sense of smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight come to an unusual personal contact with materials.

Come and join us to expand your horizons and take  inspiration.

Please reserve your place on matériO Fresh! via e-mail  or phone number +420 739 471 317. Places are limited and admission – CZK 800 + VAT – can be paid in advance.

matériO Prague members have free admisson.